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Perfect agate guides

The guides are made to order according to the customer’s specifications: size, color of the agate insert, type of frame (standard four-legged, three-legged, V-shaped, snake or according to the customer’s own design), finish (silver or black, flat or concave foot base, etc.)

Guide models

The stock of agates is constantly changing

I can send a photo of currently available rings to choose from


(10% discount for orders over 5 pcs)

Standard agate guides

(four arm cradle, silver, flat base)

(Three-leg guides – plus 3EUR)

(Three-leg guides – plus 3EUR)

Tip/top agate guides – 33 EUR

Nonstandard agate guides

Please ask!

Contact with us!

Please all inquiries and orders direct to Ernest at: 

10% discount for orders over 5 pcs