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Ernest Oczoś
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The company Perfect is a new venture, formed in March 2016, it is the first in Poland and at the moment the only one company in Europe, specializing in manufacturing of agate guides.

Our stripping and tip top guides are suitable for fly rods, spey rods, casting rods, coarse rods, carp rods and other.
Guides are hand crafted from natural agate rings and "nickel silver", entirely soldered (actually brazed) with use of hard silver solder.
Agate guides Perfect are of the highest quality workmanship and finish so that they don't require any additional treatment of the rod maker. Just touch and wrap.

Guides are made on order (ernest.oczos@perfect-europe.com or 48 793 450 815 ) according to client preferences: size, ring colour, shape, finish e.t.c. or an individual design of the customer.

We offer the top quality in reasonable prices.

Ernest Oczos

About Stripping guides

Types of frames:
- based on traditional four arm cradle 

- 3-Leg
- V-shape
- Snake

It is also possible to choose low or classic (around 2-3mm higher) version.
The standard finishing is bright polished "nickel silver" with the flat bottom foot for split cane rods.
dditional finishing options: 
- concave bottom foot for circular fibreglass      blanks
- black plating, 
  traditional chemical blueing,
  larger orders, over 50pcs, black nickel     


Low and classic agate stripping guides

Examples of different guides, manufactured for individual order
  Tip/top agate guides
Tip top guides are offered in two main design lines, A and B and diferent versions:
- long 20mm tube, 
- short 15mm tube ,

- with traditional side "whiskers",
- low or "stand-off".
Tube ID and agate ring according to client request.
"Fish" stripping guide
This is a fully functional stripping guide, the body of fish is hand-shaped in thin "nickelsilver" metal sheet, so the entire 12mm guide weighs only 2.4g. It is possible to make with any agate ring.
The perfect item for a gift or other special occasions.
"Flyweight" guides with 8mm agate ring
Examples of agate rings
(On request available photos of agates currently in stock)

OD 8mm

ID 4mm
: Red, Green, Light Coffee to Dark Coffee, Honey, Amber, Honey/Amber 

OD 9mm           

ID 5mm
: Red to Light Red/Orange, Green, Yellow/Honey to Amber
ID 4mm: Coffee, Coffee/Milk, Dark Coffee

OD 10mm
ID 6mm: Red, Green, Yellow/Honey to Amber, Milky
ID 5mm: Red, Green, Blue and Blue Banded, Purple Banded, Coffee, Coffee/milk, Dark Coffee

OD 12mm

ID 7mm
: Red, Green, Coffee/Milk, Light and Dark Coffee, Honey and Yellow/Honey, Blue Banded, Purple Banded

OD 16mm

ID 10-10.5mm
: Red, Green, Coffee/Millk Banded, Dark Coffee, Yellow/Honey

OD 20mm

ID 12mm
: Red.

OD 24mm 

ID 16mm
: Red, Green Baded
Price list:
Guides with agates sizes:
- 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm        
- 25 €/piece

- 16 mm                                          - 28 €/piece
- 20 mm                                          - 35 €/piece
-24 mm                                           - 38 €/piece

Orders over 3 pcs - 10% discount

Additional finishing options:

- concave bottom                            - 1 €/piece

- black plating                                 - 1 €/piece

priority registred letter
- internationally                               - 5
- Poland                                         - 2.5

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Special prices for resellers, professional rod makers and rod builders.

To order, please call or email to arrange details:
+48 793 450 815 

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